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About Simplify Nonprofit

Simplify Nonprofit all started from wanting nonprofits to do well.

Over the years, we have worked with large and small nonprofits who were tight with compliance, strong in financial management, rich with networked resources and practices that mimicked their written policies. We team up with large and small nonprofits that do not have things tied up so neat: nonprofits who have a heart, but actions that do not promote business acumen. These are the organizations we want to serve. There may be one or maybe only two areas that need adjustment, or a complete overhaul may be required by an organization. In any situation, we partner, educate, and make your team proud. 


We are here to SIMPLIFY nonprofits! 

Our Clients

YMCA Organization
Girl Scouts logo
Toni's Kitchen at St. Luke's Church
Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership Logo
We've Got Friends Logo
Verona Public Schools
st lukes church montclair nj
North Essex Chamber logo
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