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Meet Jo Ann Short

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There is no challenge too complex for Jo Ann's analytical mind, and no process or team too broken for Jo Ann to support and repair.

Jo Ann's Story

Jo Ann is an experienced executive leader with a successful career in the non-profit realm. With 30+ years working in the YMCA Movement, the Girl Scouts of the USA, and consulting with other nonprofits, she has worked with strong organizations and those struggling with financial, operational, and governance issues. Through proper assessment of each situation, Jo Ann is able to develop and execute plans that address the concerns and put the organization on a healthy track. 

Jo Ann is passionate about helping nonprofits get to where they choose to be. They hire her as the objective outsider with no preconceived notions. She understands that the challenges they face and how they are addressed are unique to each one. She is able to tailor strategies to best suit them. She is driven by delivering positive outcomes and seeing the team happy with the results. 

Assessment and problem solving come naturally to Jo Ann. Regardless of the area of business that needs a lift, she applies a 4-step process to address nonprofit challenges: assessment, recommendation, solution mapping, and execution. Your organization's mission and community needs are met because of her ability to manage and guide: 

  • Facilitation of strategic plans and crafting an action-step document

  • Board governance

  • Creating a culture of philanthropy and building the infrastructure to sustain it

  • Fundraising and community-building event management

  • Building relationships and partnerships

  • Team building especially through change management

  • Professional staff development

  • Negotiation of mergers and shared services


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