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Insight From a Fortune Cookie Part II

“Today it’s up to you to create the peacefulness you long for.”

You’ve heard it before, we’ve all heard it; “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” Epictetus spoke these words thousands of years ago . . . they are more important today than ever before. The last two years have certainly demonstrated this. There are few among us who haven’t been affected by Covid and its consequences: unemployment, isolation, remote learning, and more. Last month I wrote about a fortune cookie that inspired me - “To courageously shoulder the responsibilities of one’s mistake is character.” Well, today, this fortune, "Today it's up to you to create the peacefulness you long for," reminds us just how much say we have in our destiny, having the ability to create our own peacefulness through the journey.

A challenging boss, a dead-end job, a failing business, or poor grades is not a problem if you know inside yourself that this is not forever. You know that you will amount to more than this brief moment in time if you are committed to doing the work required to be better and become more than you are now. The heartbreak you are experiencing might be tough now, but it will not define your life . . . unless you allow it to do so. “Today it’s up to you to create the peacefulness you long for.” You must constantly ask yourself: How can I move forward? How can I move past this? How can I be better? What can I learn from this?

Failure hits us all. Heartache hits us all. Problems we don’t want in our life - illness, disappointment, etc. - this is all a normal part of being human. The challenge is taking all of it and moving forward anyway. Time after time, we can get beaten down and each time, we must rise up! Each time, we must look at the problem as a challenge and an opportunity to show who we are.


What has happened in the past is done and cannot be changed. What matters is who you decide to be now. This is what will determine your destiny. Whatever happens, you can rise above it. You can defeat it and be better for having experienced it. “Today it’s up to you to create the peacefulness you long for.”

At Simplify Nonprofit, we can support your efforts, encourage your growth, map your steps to a rewarding future, celebrate your wins – large and small! We can build your leadership competencies, offer you (or someone on your team) coaching and mentoring. In any situation, we partner, educate, and make your team proud.

Do you find facing your challenges overwhelming? What is the cost to you and your organization if you are unable to move forward? Call us for help creating your peacefulness.


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