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Achieving Board Retreat Success

When facilitating a board retreat with one of my clients, I brought them all together to identify and agree upon a new mission statement and vision for the future. Their focus had evolved, and the original mission statement needed a broader scope. The CEO brought Simplify Nonprofit in so they could be a participant rather than the facilitator.

By the end of the session, we not only completed the initial agenda items, but we were also able to dive into designing a chart- of-work for each committee: finance, marketing, and fundraising. After all, what good is a plan (mission or vision statement) if you have no infrastructure to keep the plan on course? Whether it is a chart-of-work for volunteer committees or goals for specific staff teams or departments, a chart-of-work and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are necessary to gauge how successfully you have moved the needle in the right direction.

Working in small groups allowed every voice to be heard regarding each component of the work ahead. Then, as designed, each small group reported back to the larger group, which was crucial in getting the full team on board. Some tweaking and editing occurred, and the full group was excited with each statement and the framework put forth to keep things on track. With enthusiasm over the mission and vision statements created, the committee work allows the indoctrination of the statements into the infrastructure, truly driving the success of the organization.

Are you reactive or proactive within your ways of work? Having a strong mission and vision statement is a guiding star. However, having goals or chart-of-work for each team is the equivalent of having a map to be sure you do not stray from the course. Holding each other accountable and using KPIs along the way lets everyone know where each team and the organization are in the process.

If your organization needs help finding your “star” (Mission, Vision, Diversity/Equity/ Inclusion statements) and help in mapping the steps to stay focused and not stray, give us a call.

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