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Embracing the Turmoil

2022 - Two weeks down and 50 to go!

If your COVID years have been anything like mine, you’ve experienced real fear, living with the unknown, extreme emotions (seriously, it’s like they’re on steroids!), a whirlwind of activity with yet seemingly nothing to do! As we break into a new year, we can only hope things will improve throughout the world.

We’ve adjusted to the growth and change all around us and accepted that chaos is the norm. What still holds a difficult place for many is the disruptive processes with no definitive timelines. As a ‘Type A’ personality, it’s hard to embrace the disorder. We move forward, step back and move forward again. What turmoil!

Here’s the visual for me. If you’ve ever watched a dog walk calmly on a leash, their two left legs, one in the front & one in back, take a step and then their two right legs move in opposition. When you envision that same laid-back dog running full tilt after a ball, their two front legs are aligned to stretch as far forward as they can possibly reach and just as quickly, in rhythm, their two back legs are also proportionately engaged. They are in a go big or go home mode!

These have been the COVID yearsLaid-back, swiftly followed by go big! Do you know when to be laid-back and controlled and when to go big and all out? Keeping your organization aligned with the current rhythms can be a complicated two-step. Doing it with intentionality and keeping an eye toward sustainability to avoid burnout is the trick. Simplify Nonprofit has been successfully serving organizations and resolving the question of at what pace to move forward.

Do you find facing challenges overwhelming, particularly during the pandemic? What is the cost to you and your organization if you are unable to move forward? Call us for help creating the proper gait and when to use it.

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