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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Whether you consider the spring season as an opportunity for growth and rejuvenation or for rototilling the first quarter into the flower bed, it’s a good time to ask yourself, “How’d you do?” Are there tasks and achievements that you thought you’d be able to check off by now but have come up short? What will you do about it? How will you stay focused to ensure the daily grind doesn’t blindside your overarching goals? Whether they are personal goals, professional goals, or the goals of your organization, how can you stay fresh, relevant, and track your successes?

We’re all guilty of not slowing down to smell the roses (or spring tulips!) and not fully celebrating successes and accomplishments, our own or those of our team. Be sure to celebrate the wins and reflect on the big picture so you don’t get lost in the minutia.

Sometimes gaining focus is as simple as checking in on promises made. Sometimes it’s the deadline-driven work that provides the rhythm to ensure tasks get completed on time, as designed. Often it is helpful to draw a line in the sand to say “Stop, take this moment to reflect.” Are you thinking creatively? Are you innovative in your ideas? Are you bringing the team along or running ahead . . . alone?

Do you have an outlet that you can comfortably and safely vent to? Someone with whom you can brainstorm without judgment? Simplify Nonprofit continues to be a partner in doing just this . . . keeping organizational leaders on track with their goals. A call with Simplify Nonprofit provides a process for clearing away the weeds of daily work and for cultivating your team. Done routinely, you will see more clearly and achieve your goals, no matter what the day throws at you. Hold the light to your achievements and allow a mini celebration to see just how far you’ve come.

Simplify Nonprofit is an objective outsider with no preconceived notions. We understand that the challenges we all face must be addressed uniquely. We tailor strategies to best meet your wins, large and small! At Simplify Nonprofit, we can support your efforts, encourage your growth, and implement a future that’s blossoming with success!

Do you need an ally to help you reach your goals? Give us a call.

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