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Pandemic Lessons Learned

As with all things life throws at us, if we pay attention, we learn from them and we grow. What life lessons have you learned from the pandemic? Are you paying attention? If so, what have you discovered personally and for your organization, and what will you carry over into the future?

I have found a love-hate relationship with Zoom. Meeting attendance has spiked because it is easy to take a meeting from wherever you are. Sharing a screen was once a high-tech option pre-COVID and is now considered the norm. The flip side to that is no one can show up early to chit chat and deepen the relationship before the meeting begins. Our sense of humanity has been minimized to a tile photo and a mute button! As an extrovert, I’m done! I’ve had it! I want real people in front of me!

That said, the hybrid model of Zoom calls allows those who are out of town to attend the meeting and those who are around to show up in person and arrive five minutes early for their quick meet and greet to deepen their relationships and keep humanity in check.

There have also been learnings from sharing diseases and germs. Wearing a mask when you don’t feel well can prevent or minimize the spread of your germs. Good idea! Using a magazine or paper plate to fan out birthday candles rather than blow on them is another really good idea. These make sense and perhaps we can carry these practices forward!

What about your strategic plan? Has it experienced ill effects from COVID, wreaking havoc on your best-laid plans? Keeping your organization aligned with its goals yet flexible given the current circumstances can be a complicated nuance. Doing it with intentionality and keeping an eye toward sustainability to avoid obsolescence is the trick. Simplify Nonprofit has been successfully serving organizations and resolving the questions of “What should I do next?” "What parts of our plan can we salvage?"

Give Simplify Nonprofit a call to learn which parts of your strategic plan can be tweaked, and/or overhauled. Mapping your strategic priorities is important for your organization’s relevancy into the future. Are you paying attention? What have YOU learned?

Call us to create the proper plan for moving into a successful future.

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